Computer Security Incidents (CSI)

Computer security incident (CSI) is every real or potentially damaging event or threat that affects security of computer systems or networks in a negative way. Consequences of computer security incidents are loss of information’s confidentiality, integrity, or availability.

Computer security incident is mostly a result of information system’s vulnerability or failures in computer programs or computer equipment design, incorrectly configured computer or network equipment, and inherent technology defects or malicious exploit of computer system’s normal function. Computer security incidents may as well occur as a consequence of intentional or unintentional human actions.

In accordance with its legal authority, Information Systems Security Bureau, as the central state body authorized for technical areas of information security in the state authorities, local and regional self-government bodies and legal persons with public authority which within the scope of their work use classified and unclassified information, acts daily on coordination of prevention and response to computer threats to information systems security.

Information Systems Security Bureau acts on coordination of prevention and response to computer security incidents in Republic of Croatia in cooperation with the National CERT, with a purpose of achieving a higher level of information systems security using acquired competences and experience.