Response to CSI

For the purpose of timely response to computer security incidents Information Systems Security Bureau keeps records on technical characteristics of information systems of bodies or legal persons, publishes security warnings on threats to information systems, coordinates its activities with the National CERT, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior, other CERT teams in Europe and worldwide, and provides technical support in removal and analysis of computer security incidents.

When bodies or legal persons are incapable to autonomously resolve or diminish security threat that is a consequence of computer security incident, they may ask Information Systems Security Bureau for assistance. Assistance in computer security incident resolution includes identification of computer security incident, prevention of its expansion, detecting its cause, providing support in removal of vulnerability that caused the incident, and, when needed, forensics of infected computer equipment.


Information Systems Security Bureau provides support to bodies and legal persons in their response to computer security incidents, based upon filled Request for assistance in response to computer security incidents. Signed and sealed Request is officially delivered with the letter signed by the head of a body or legal person. In case of emergency, a copy of Request may be delivered via encrypted e-mail in accordance with the provisions of Data Secrecy Act of Republic of Croatia, and afterwards in official way as well.

Contact persons in bodies and legal persons are information security advisors, or heads of CERT teams or their deputies.

After Request for assistance is received, Information Systems Security Bureau provides support to bodies and legal person as soon as possible, considering priority regarding the type and severity of computer security incident.


When report on activities undertaken within the scope of computer security incident resolution is necessary, Information Systems Security Bureau delivers an official report to the head of a body or legal person as soon as possible.